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Testimonials from Our Intrepid Adventurers

Thank you so much for putting on a tremendous trek. This past week, I've got a new lease on life, more confidence and a feeling that anything is achievable.

Thanks again to you and your family.

Tom Logue
Owner, Fairmont Homes

The trek was more difficult than I expected, more challenging than I anticipated but more rewarding than I hoped.

Niugini Adventure Tours, in particular, Ken and Lawrence, were fantastic in all aspects of our trek. The organisation, support, energy and direction displayed by each were beyond expectations and only added to the fantastic experience.

Would I do it again? YES!
Would I use Niugini Adventure Tours next time? DEFINITELY!

Thanks for completing my dream!

Graham Wakefield
Harvey Norman Commercial

On behalf of Fisher & Paykel, I would like to commend you and the Niugini Adventure Tour team for a most professional and memorable trip. The level of organisation shown, from our preparation in the months leading up to the track to the support and guidance shown through our journey, was truly first class!

Your ability to immerse us in the culture of the people on the trail and in the villages, coupled with the history of the events, will never be forgotten.

The feedback from our clients has been overwhelming. Once again, on behalf of the whole touring party, "thanks" for the memories and the experience of being part of the legacy of the Kokoda trail.

Andrew Paykel
National Sales Manager, Commercial,
Fisher & Paykel

Welcome to Niugini Adventure Tours

A Very Personal Journey

Trekking Kokoda is a very challenging, yet spiritually rewarding experience. The feedback from our adventurers tell us they cannot believe how much trekking the Kokoda Trail changed their lives in a really profound way.

Kokoda offers the adventure traveller a rugged, yet beautiful landscape, a unique and moving history that will tug at the heartstrings, and a culture and people who can't fail to inspire.

Niugini Adventure Tours invite you to take your own personal journey to Kokoda.

The History
The Battle for Survival

The Kokoda Trail is famous for being the site of one of the most amazing battles of the second world war. Take a look at the history of Kokoda.   Read more...
Preparing for your Kokoda Trek

Your Health and Safety Comes First

The Kokoda trail is located on some of the most challenging terrain in Papua New Guinea.

Undertaking the trek is a challenge both physically and mentally - but definitely do-able. School-aged children, teenagers, women and men as old as 80 have completed the trek to Kokoda and with the right preparation you can too! At Niugini Adventure Tours, we believe it is our job to ensure that you are sufficiently prepared to undertake this challenge mentally and physically, so that you can make the most of this unique adventure.

That is why we advise you to leave plenty of time between your booking and your actual trek, so we can work with you to ensure your health and safety.

Boot Lacing Technique

The relentless downhill grades on the Kokoda trail and throughout the Owen Stanley Rangers can be pure torture on your feet - and especially on your toes! How do you tie your boots so that your feet don't slide forward, causing you to hit your toes and toenails at the tip while still allowing some room for the swelling that naturally occurs? There is a way! Read on and view instructional images below...

You'll notice that there are generally two types of eyelets on a good pair of hiking boots. The ones along the top of the foot are usually closed metal rings, and the ones going up from the inside of the ankle are the quick-release type. What you'll want to do is lace your shoes with some give through the lower eyelets - not snug but not real loose either.

Then do a single very snug overhand loop with the laces just before you start lacing through the quick release eyelets. Lace through the first pair of quick release eyelets and then do another snug overhand loop. Lace through the next pair, and again, do another loop. Do this all the way to the top of the eyelets. Once you've tied your bootlaces, I recommend taking the two loops and tying them together—just like you do kid's shoes.

Tying your boots in this manner allows some give for your feet to swell while snugly holding your foot towards the heel of the boot. If you want to know how effective this is, just tie one boot as you normally would and tie the other in this special way. You will be amazed - and very pleased! Now this isn't the only effect method of tying your boot laces, but it is the one I have had so much success with while leading trips on the Kokoda trail. Hope you find it useful as well.

One final note. Don't tie your boots too tightly near the top; you don't want to cut off your circulation or give yourselves blisters near your ankle!


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