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Testimonials from Our Intrepid Adventurers

Thank you so much for putting on a tremendous trek. This past week, I've got a new lease on life, more confidence and a feeling that anything is achievable.

Thanks again to you and your family.

Tom Logue
Owner, Fairmont Homes

The trek was more difficult than I expected, more challenging than I anticipated but more rewarding than I hoped.

Niugini Adventure Tours, in particular, Ken and Lawrence, were fantastic in all aspects of our trek. The organisation, support, energy and direction displayed by each were beyond expectations and only added to the fantastic experience.

Would I do it again? YES!
Would I use Niugini Adventure Tours next time? DEFINITELY!

Thanks for completing my dream!

Graham Wakefield
Harvey Norman Commercial

On behalf of Fisher & Paykel, I would like to commend you and the Niugini Adventure Tour team for a most professional and memorable trip. The level of organisation shown, from our preparation in the months leading up to the track to the support and guidance shown through our journey, was truly first class!

Your ability to immerse us in the culture of the people on the trail and in the villages, coupled with the history of the events, will never be forgotten.

The feedback from our clients has been overwhelming. Once again, on behalf of the whole touring party, "thanks" for the memories and the experience of being part of the legacy of the Kokoda trail.

Andrew Paykel
National Sales Manager, Commercial,
Fisher & Paykel


Sequence of Events in the Kokoda Campaign, 1942

7th July:
Captain Sam Templeton with B Coy 39th Btn leaves Ilolo , guided by Lt Bert Kienzle to cross the Owen Stanleys to provide protective force to US troops building an airstrip at Dobudura.

21st July :
Japanese Nankai Shitai troops led by General Horii land at Buna and advance quickly inland.

22nd July:
Japanese meet the Australians at Awala, only 40 miles from Kokoda.

25th-26th July:
BCoy pushed back to Oivi. Templeton disappears.

28-29th July:
Kokoda lost. Aussies fall back to Deniki.

1st-8th August:
A Coy of the 39th retake Kokoda for 2 days while enemy stalls for time, patrolling the Yodda area, building bridges and roads from the Coast

3rd August:
Bert Kienzle locates and names Myola lakes as a potential solution to the supply problem

Captain Bert Kienzle on leave in Australia after the Papuan Campaign
(Courtesy : To Kokoda & Beyond . Story of the 39th Battalion by Victor Austin)

4th August:
Kienzle blazes a track from Myola to join the old mail trail at a point he call's Templeton's Crossing.

8th-13th August:

1942-08. Papua - Native bearers (popularly known as Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels) carry heavy loads of equipment and supplies for the Australian Troops. (AWM 013004)

26th August:
Horii's troops storm Isurava with 3 Btns and the battle rages for five days during which casualties are high on both ides. Private Bruce Kingsbury is killed and earn a VC for his heroism.

26th August - 6th Sept:
Battle of Milne Bay. Japs defeated.

Milne Bay 1942-10-01 : Fighter planes from an RAAF Squadron that played a big part in repelling Japanese attack on Milne Bay. (AWM 013329)

31st August:
Australia commences a tactical withdrawal, resisting at every opportunity, drawing out then strangling enemy supply lines. Both sides can take no prisoners.

5th-9th Sept:
Myola evacuated. Australian troops make a stand at Brigade Hill but the enemy outflanks them with disastrous result, earning it a name change to Butcher's Hill.

11th Sept:
Australians withdraw to Iorabaiwa, Station 44 established by Bert Kienzle.

13th Sept:
Last stand at Imita Ridge.

16th Sept:
Enemy suddenly stops its advance. The Emperor has told them to withdraw.

26th Sept:
Australian offensive begins in earnest. Japs scuttle back over Trail.

11th-18th Oct:
Japs dig in at Templeton's Crossing. Bert Kienzle reopens Myola as a supply base. Fresh Australian troops push enemy back from Templeton's to Eora Ck.

20th-29th Oct:
Enemy make desperate stand at Eora Creek. Australians defeat them at great cost.

2nd Nov:
Australians recapture Kokoda.

23rd Dec:
Last casualties from Myola arrive in Port Moresby.

Ower's Corner 1943-12-16. Flying fox at Ower's Corner with the Owen Stanley's in the background. (AWM 061962)



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