Our Unique Heritage

Proudly Papua New Guinean

Niugini Adventure Tours is, as the name suggests, is a unique and innovative adventure tour operation registered in Port Moresby, PNG in April, 2006. The business was established by traditional Koiari/Kokoda landowners, and twin brothers, Mr Kenneth and Mr Lawrence Selu. The Selu boys are the elder sons of the late Hon. Vovovi James Selu, MBE and the late Mrs Veronica Tun Selu.

Hon. Vovovi J. Selu was a Member of Central Provincial Government, and President of the Koiari Local Level Government for 22 years from 1982 to 2005. He worked tirelessly, successfully lobbying for the establishment of the Kokoda Trail Authority (KTA). Hon. Vovovi J. Selu was awarded an MBE for his continuous service to the region with various portfolios i.e Forestry & Lands, Works & Transport, Provincial Assembly Speaker, District Affairs, Mineral & Energy.

Mrs Veronica Tun Selu, was an astute business woman. In the mid 80’s she was awarded PNG Business Woman of the Year, (The first woman from the Highlands to win this award). Her businesses included GMS Bus Service, a 12 bus PMV service operating out of Port Moresby; GMS Mini Supermarts located in Hohola, 6 Mile (Saraga), Koki and Dombola; and Paradise Motors, with car yards at Lae, Mt Hagen and Port Moresby. She had a business partnership with a Korean construction company call KPNG (Korean Papua New Guinea) where blocks of ware houses and flats were built in Waigani.

Their sons, keen to share the beauty, the emotion and the unique history that is Kokoda with all interested people, set up Niugini Adventure Tours Limited as a vehicle to continue to the legacy left by their late father, combined with the business acumen learnt from their mother. Concerned that the existing tour operators in the Kokoda region did little to develop the local economy and also concerned about the ongoing preservation of the track itself the tour operation is not only considered a business but also a vehicle to further develop the local economy.

Mr. Kenneth Selu, Managing Director of Niugini Adventure Tours, resides in Canberra, Australia and is responsible for the Executive Management and Strategic Planning of the business and the development of programs, whilst Director, Mr. Lawrence Selu, is responsible for the operational elements including meeting, greeting and managing clients, sourcing of supplies and the organisation and management of operational staff.